22 Good Reasons

While trade shows by nature require some effort to exhibit at, here are 22 good reasons why you would be making a wise and informed business decision to attend and exhibit at the next WESTERN POOL & SPA SHOW.

1. Generate sales leads
2. Close sales
3. Build relationships with prospects
4. Advance the sales cycle
5. Cross-sell existing clients
6. Meet spread-out buying teams at one time
7. Recruit new sales people
8. Recruit new distribution
9. Train new sales people

Marketing Communications:
10. Build your brand
11. Re-position your brand
12. Increase awareness
13. Survey market awareness
14. Interview clients
15. Generate publicity

Product Marketing:
16. Launch new products
17. Survey attendees about new product ideas
18. Research competitor's products and messaging

Executive Management:
19. Keep up on industry trends
20. Meet with key clients
21. Meet with key business partners
22. Profitably build the business