#1 Show for Education
Exhibits, Training, and More

February 6-8, 2025

Long Beach, California

The pool industry is rapidly changing and the Western Pool & Spa Show
is here to help you!

The Western Pool & Spa Show, at the Long Beach Convention Center, consists of the industry’s largest seminar schedule. We provide classes from basics to the most advanced in both English and Spanish. We have an expansive exhibit floor, with valuable prize giveaways every hour.


Welcome to The Western Pool and Spa Show


February 6-8, 2025


LI'L ALGY's Cash and Product Giveaway

Valuable prizes are given away each hour. Each entry and culminates with finalists drawn from each day vying to win a $20,000 cash prize and over $10,000 in other prizes at the end of the show.

Pool Industry Education