New Product Showcase

March 21-23, 2019

*Long Beach Convention Center

Long Beach, CA

To all exhibitors:

The Western Pool and Spa Show would like to invite you to take advantage of an additional opportunity to highlight any new or innovative products which you may be exhibiting at this year’s show.  The New Product Showcase will be a separate area on the show floor where you will be able to place a product you wish to be featured.

If you would like to take part in our New Product Showcase, please fill out the section on page 2, and email to 

1. Your product must be new and/or innovative

2. All entries will be reviewed and approved by the Western Pool and Spa Show.

3. There is no selling from the new product area. The Western Pool and Spa Show will provide signage with company name and booth number. Additional signage directing show attendees to your booth is the responsibility of the Exhibitor.

4. Literature may be placed next to your product.

5. Items are placed in the New Product Showcase at the exhibitor’s risk.

6. Approved products must be delivered to the New Product Showcase area on Thursday, before the show opening and must be in place no later than 4 p.m.                 

7. Displays must be remain through the show closing, and will only be released to those possessing proper company identification.

8.  If for any reason a product must be removed from the New Product showcase. The Western Pool & Spa Show Staff shall be notified before removal. 

9. Space supplied will be a maximum of 3 feet in width with signage.  

10. Space will be assigned by the Western Pool & Spa Show.

11. Only Companies exhibiting will be allow to place products into the New Product Showcase.

12. Space fee, $75.00 per product. Space is limited.

13. Fill the out and return the Registration form with the Credit Card Authorization or return the information below by fax or email and easily pay online at exhibitor resources New Product Showcase and add it to your cart.

Exhibitor New Product Showcase